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Referencing over 100 years of expertise developing and manufacturing innovative fabrics, the Climescape water-repellent fleece was created to be the ultimate outdoor lifestyle garment. Tough enough to withstand inclement weather and regular washing, yet light enough to remain comfortable during outdoor pursuits, the Climescape water-repellent fleece represents affordable innovation and quality for people who don’t put their day on hold for the weather.


Climescape garments harness next generation nanotechnology, which allows fabric modification at the molecular level by permanently attaching hydrophobic ‘whiskers’ to individual fibres. These fibres cause liquids to bead and roll right off the fabric. This treatment is eco-friendly, fluorocarbon and PFOA free.


All Climescape garments are tested for repeat machine washing, colourfastness and crocking, and prolonged light exposure to ensure they retain their original vibrancy, wash after wash and wear after wear.


Climescape garments contain release agents that are activated with warm water and detergent in all domestic washing machines. This will help dislodge tough stains and restore the original colour and texture of the garment.


All Climescape garments are pre-shrunk prior to construction to reduce shrinkage and maintain the garment’s original size and shape. Please follow the care instructions for ultimate garment performance.


Using fabric softener or dryer sheets with Climescape garments will reduce the water repellency and is strongly not advised.


The water-repelling treatment on every Climescape garment will reduce the number of times you will need to launder the garment. This will in turn extend the overall life span of the garment.


The water-repelling treatment undergone by all Climescape garments will restrict the amount of moisture the fabric can absorb, resulting in faster drying times than untreated cotton, saving both time and energy.